What is a Smuff?

Smuff is short for Super Muffler- the latest Headgear in stylish Youth Apparel.

How many ways are there to wear it?

There are 12 Ways to wear a Smuff! You can carry it on your wrist, on your ankle, even as a leg and arm warmer! Check out our Video here.All Smuffs come with a unique cardboard with full instructions on how to wear them.

How big is a Smuff?

Are there different sizes? Laid out flat, they are a 49 x 25 cm tube. Smuffs weigh just over 40 grams. When folded up they are smaller than a deck of cards. One size fits all.

Baby Smuffs (for children upto 4 Years) are smaller.

What fabric are they made from?

Smuffs are manufactured from stretchable and breathable cotton based fabric. It is wind resistant, breathable, and wicks moisture. When washed the Smuff is colorfast, dries in minutes, and retains its elasticity.

How do I wash them?

To wash your Smuff, just throw them in the washing machine on colored wash. You can also tumble dry them. When out adventuring just rinse them out and hang to dry.

What does seamless’ mean?

Smuffs are formed on a specialized machine. This leaves a tube that has no irritating seams, allows the fabric to retain its shape, and gives a tremendous amount of strength to the finished garment.

Where are they made?

They are made in India and sold around the world.

Who wears Smuff?

Smuffwear is perfect for anyone who ventures outdoors! Whether you’re a Biker, climber, runner, camper, skier, paintball enthusiast or jogger, a Smuff is an ideal addition to your apparel.

Smuff has already been adopted widely by a number of outdoor and indoor sportspersons. Get your Smuff now!

How many designs are there?

We have 100 Designs for you to choose from! Plus we are constantly innovating stylish new designs. Custom Smuffs are also available - great for promotional activity, or as specialised gifts. Contact us for more details

How do I stop my friends borrowing mine?

Buy a bunch to give! At a great price they make ideal gifts for Holidays, Birthdays, Graduations- pretty much any and every occasion! Their light weight also makes them ideal as gifts for shipping overseas.