Learn while you earn...with Smuffwear!


We welcome students from across India’s graduate and post-graduate colleges to associate with Smuff. Here’s how you can be part of our growth story:

  • Internships: We’re growing at a great pace...and we’re keen to go faster! We need young, smart, ambitious people with ideas...people who can create markets and opportunities. We know the tremendous potential of our product, and want to engage with young, fired-up minds that can help many, many more people go the Smuff way!
  • College representatives: With our target audience, reaching out to colleges is a big opportunity to boost sales. If you’re the cool one on your campus, we need you! Students can take up the opportunity to sell Smuff on campus, and get a generous percentage of all sales generated by them. In addition to the moolah, this gives students an invaluable opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade, make the most of every relationship in their network, negotiate and enable more sales. The best part – you get to make more friends and have fun!


If you have some other creative way to associate with us, we’re keen to hear from you.


For details, contact us at studentambassador@smuffwear.com